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Sunday Afternoon

Oh, what a wonderful day!! Sunny, not a cloud in a beautiful blue sky and the temperature in the mid 60s - 66.3, to be exact, by our thermometer. How can one stay inside on a mid-November day when the weather is so perfect and begging you to get outside and enjoy it? Hubby and I went for a walk.

We found a few other people out enjoying the day. Our neighbor was out cleaning up some remnants of Superstorm Sandy. He has been a wonderful neighbor to us and always ready to stop and talk about the latest news - local, state or national - whatever is interesting. Today we talked about our opinions of the recent election results.

DSC 7538

DSC 7546

A radio-controlled airplane strip (Sky Pirates RC Club) is located in our neighbor's field. Several fellows who own planes thought today was a good day for flying. Okay, they find a lot of days good for flying but today was exceptional. The planes also caught the attention of travelers on a near-by road who stopped to watch or talk or get information about the club. We have lived beside this air strip for about 13 years now and have never seen the parasail flown. (You radio persons will have to correct me if there is an official name for this model.) Talking to these hobbyist and watching them fly was a great way to pass the afternoon.

Getting the engine started and getting just the right amount of wind in the parasail are just the first of many skills which are required to fly this plane. I only watch; I don't attempt to fly.

DSC 7554

It's on its way!!

DSC 7552

Oops!! The plane doesn't always cooperate and sometimes one has to try again and again.

DSC 7570

Off again. Wouldn't it be fun to soar above the trees in the open like that with the breeze blowing in your face? It's fun to watch and imagine. Thanks, neighbors for helping us enjoy a spectacular Sunday afternoon.

DSC 7567