I am a wife, mother of three and grandmother of six.  That’s the short version.

I enjoy traveling.  I have traveled to other countries but my favorite destinations are road trips to Western United States, Western Canada and Alaska.  I have visited 49 of the 50 states in the United States.  Hawaii is still on my bucket list.  I really enjoy taking many types of pictures but my favorite subjects are mountainous landscapes, birds and insects.  I am amazed when my camera captures images that my eyes have missed.  This is especially true with insects that are so small their distinctive markings need to be magnified in order to appreciate them (and in some cases, not to appreciate them).  I am not a professional photographer but I have a Nikon D500 camera and photography software that makes me look better than I will ever claim to be.  The content shared here is my world “just as i see it”.  Look around, stay as long as you wish and come back again.

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